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We guarantee the product quality with our trade name, EuroNax in the overseas and domestic market. EuroNax stands for approved quality, stable quality and chosen quality in the market. Our goal for the quality management is to keep the same quality level as the original equipment parts of vehicle manufacturer. In order to meet this quality level, we operate our own quality management system by highly qualified staff and equipment and by using up to date production methods as the result of constant improvement.
To develop EuroNax brand parts, all the vital procedure, such as market research, design, sample production, inspection, field testing, improvement, main production, logistics, sales and after sales service are managed in detail and controlled strictly by our own ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

Especially we have our own field test program before the new products reach the market. To test new products, we operate our own truck drivers testing groups in different environment respectively and exchange the test result continually. Through the process of such enough and strict test, we can get the approved EuroNax quality distinguished from other brand parts.